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As blinds, in particular, have developed into more decorative and stylish shadings for window I am able to offer beautiful child safe roller blinds . This has come about by listening to the changing needs and wants of my clients , for their homes and business properties. This has allowed me to have a more varied port folio of work completed and a vast variety of fabrics to suit any room in your home or office. I still Continue to offer all the beautifully hand sewn curtains and roman blinds and are now be complemented by other window dressings.

Have you noticed that colours have the ability to affect your mood? It is no wonder then that there is an entire industry researching colours which then influences designers, paint companies and indeed fabrics for curtains and blinds.

Here are a few tips for you that will help you create the ambience you want whether an office, home or hotel.
Soft whites and creams are pleasing soft shades that can create a peaceful open atmosphere.
Beiges and Browns are warm natural tones mainly used to create depth in a room cialis generika preis.
Shades of Grey are definitely on trend just now, they add sophistication to any room and having the ability to be accented with warm or cool tones you can easily change the atmosphere of any room as the seasons change by adding different accessories.

Cool blues are able to create a tranquil environment , however depending on the shade used you can create a very dramatic look teamed with dark cranberry colours , these colours work in both modern and traditional homes.
Warming colours think bronze, copper and gold, these are delightful to cosy up any room and bring to life stable base colours such as whites, creams, grey or black.

Going Green can be very restful and elegant reminding us of the great outdoors with all the beautiful shades to choose from either fresh spring greens or the more muddy earthy greens reminiscent of mossy woodlands.

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