Ferguson Planning Galashiels, in TheScottish Borders

fiona erwin commercial blinds

Owner of Ferguson Planning, Tim Ferguson is a man with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve, this was also the case when he decided he wanted blinds for his new office in Galashiels.

Tim wanted continuity throughout the office so he had very specific colours and wanted to have his corporate logo on the blinds. As is often the case in business there was also a tight deadline that needed to be met.
Challenges included : a blind that was the dark corporate colour but did not make the office too dark. Finding a matching fabric was proving impossible. Placing the logo to achieve optimal advertising .

Solutions:Ferguson planning blinds down
Working closely with my manufacturer, eclipse blinds, we produced a blind using a specialised screen fabric, the entire blind was printed to the exact specification given to us by the logo designer John Hamlin. By giving exact measurements the logo was centralised to fit the entire window. Since this allows light to still come through these blinds shade the computer screens from the glare of sun light, an added bonus is that you can still see through the blind so it creates an open feel to the office.

For Tim’s meeting/conference room we reversed this process, the company logo is facing into the room and the blinds offer the room the same shading properties and the view of the outdoor office garden, making this room a pleasant and comfortable room for business meetings while still keeping the business name in full view .


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