Mr and Mrs McCracken

McCracken red curtains

Mr & Mrs McCracken moved back to Scotland to be nearer their daughter, they moved into a property with large rooms and a bay window in the dining room and upstairs sitting room. Mrs McCracken has a very distinct style which complements the house. The large windows are not double glazed so we had to make sure that the curtains would not only look fabulous but would be both practical and warm. In the dining room Mrs McCracken set about choosing fabric that would bring an opulence to her room and sit well with her beautiful furniture some of which bMcCracken main room curtainselonged to her mother. The choice was rich red hand woven silk from James Hare with a deep goblet heading to reflect the happy times spent enjoying a meal and glass of delicious red wine with family and friends. The silk looks stunning when candles are lit it almost twinkles as the light catches it.
The curtains were interlined with heavy weight cotton interlining and black out lining was used to protect the silk for years to come, so they are a great addition to keep the room as cosy at it looks.
Mrs McCracken took her time in choosing fabrics for each room and after about 12 to 18 months their windows had all be dressed with individual styles for each room.


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