Mrs Robertson, Scottish Borders

curtains for mrs robertson

Moving to a brand new property brings the challenge of having to create your own style and atmosphere throughout the whole property not just one room.  Time and patience are needed to make the best choices and Mrs Robertson succeeded in creating her vision.

Mrs Robertson has a fabulous eye for beautiful things, bringing these to her new home meant choosing new soft furnishings wisely.    I brought along a variety of samples from different fabric houses showing the different styles colours and textures currently being showcased.   This allowed Mrs Robertson to spend time in her home choosing fabrics that best suited both her new home and her existing furniture, it also let her see the scale of the designs and how they added another dimension to the rooms.

In the family living room there is a large bay window and two smaller windows on one wall, allowing light to flood into the room, it was obvious that Mrs Robertson wanted to keep such lovely light and the beautiful view from the windows, whilst creating a warm and luxurious feel when the curtains were drawn in the evening.  I supplied the fabric and  created hand sewn Interlined curtains with a very contemporary wave heading that stack back very neatly when opened and in the evening when closed they create a beautiful warmth to the room.    Together we chose to put neat hand sewn Roman blinds in the two windows this allowed Mrs Robertson to use the wall space to the full and still keep the contemporary look and the warm atmosphere in her living room.

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